Seated Chair Massage

Seated chair massage is also known as On-Site Chair Massage, Acupressure massage and Corporate Massage.    It is performed fully clothed and without the use of oils or lotions, making it ideal for the workplace or events and fairs.

Seated Chair massage takes place in a specially designed massage chair which supports the upper body as massage strokes are used across the back, head, neck and shoulders, some longer routines may also incorporate the scalp, arms and hands.

Seated chair massage is especially effective upon:
Head and neck tension
Tight shoulders
Lower Back tension
Frozen Shoulder
Headaches and Scalp Tension

Generally a seated chair massage will be from 15-20 minutes targeting specific problem areas to reduce pressure and tension, releasing knots and helping to increase flexibility and range of movement.   Longer routines may be used for a more all over effect.