Curative Hypnotherapy

Accredited by The Guild of Holistic Therapies

Awarding a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and use of the designated letters MGHT,  entitles people for registration upon the International Register of Hypnotherapists.  We are currently negotiating further accreditations with other bodies and organisations at this time.

Within the UK at present, there is no legislation or professional body that sets any nationally recognised standards for  hypnotherapy.  This is a situation that concerns many professionals within the field – and is an area that many of associations and groups are currently working towards trying to change.  you will find many training organisations saying that their course is the only body to join – or a nationally recognised qualification, to date there is no such thing.

It is sure to be a fair length of time before any truly recognised standards are developed – and as such this course has been designed to cover a large proportion of hands on experience and training.  At present in the UK it is possible to learn hypnosis from a postal course and still set yourself up as a therapist.  This situation concerns us greatly as I feel that even those courses which offer demonstrations do little in the way of helping you to become a therapist and giving you the confidence to assist people.

The course that is taught by the Guild of Holistic Therapies an organisation set up by therapists to promote good standards and practice.

When choosing a hypnotherapy course for yourself, ensure that you shall have a minimum of 100 hours study – over half of which should be practical hands on work  – not simply watching a demonstration or video as many of even the very expensive courses do.  Any course that does not offer practical case studies and work upon real patients before final accreditation is dubious indeed – no matter how large an organisation or how expensive the course.  anyone can read a book on brain surgery – but how many could do the practical?

A large part of any hypnosis course is about self development, and not everyone that does a course wishes to go into practice for themselves.  A Hypnotherapy course can teach you a lot about yourself and how the world around you works.

Other areas the hypnotherapy diploma works in:

  • corporate workshops
  • communication skills
  • marketing language
  • personal development

Our course covers:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • NLP
  • Counselling Skills
  • Business planning and management
  • Professional ethics and Standards
  • Psychotherapy approaches and techniques.

Our course includes all of these in one course, we do not feel it appropriate to break our courses down into introduction, intermediary and advance techniques – after all, when a client is in the chair in front of you, you need to be able to work with them there and then – not say can you please come back next year when I have learnt the next section of my course!  This course is VERY packed, and there is a large workload and area of topics covered, it is comprehensive and involves a large amount of practical work as well as a need to spend time researching and developing information and ideas.

Successful completion of this course will provide you with a complete toolbox of techniques to practice as a therapist, set yourself up in business and find clients – all for only a 10th of the cost of some of the bigger established schools costs!