Holistic Slimming

The program is not a weight loss class – it will teach a wide variety of mind, body, spirit approaches to dealing with body image, confidence and weight management – as well as focus on motivation for general life improvement, goal setting and challenge removal for all fields of life – not just the weight loss that this class is focused upon.

The class will produce a personal tailored development specific to your own individual problems – so it isnt just a generic class you sit through being bombarded with information, we tailor a personal improvement and development program for overall life changes far and beyond the issue of weight.

Losing weight is about far more than just dieting. This unique approach will teach you how to understand yourself, your body and your mind – and then introduce you to a wide range of ideas and techniques to enable you to obtain the figure and shape that you want. But more importantly, also maintain it for the future.

Our program will provide ideas, practical exercises and support to ensure you can work towards your own realistic goals – achieving your own desired results. Our program removes the need to worry about food – but looks at yourself over all and helps you to change the inner you, so that the outer can soon follow.

Our course is designed to be cheap, practical and accessible for all – costed at less than most weekly weight loss classes. The course runs over two sessions