Hopi Ear Candles

Thermal Auricular Therapy Training

Ever contemplated doing a job either full or part time that paid you profit of between £15 and £40 an hour – and was cheap to learn?  

This is the perfect opportunity for just that.    Its not often with complementary therapies that you can say there is a chance to make some good money – many are done for the love of doing them and the thought of helping others.  This therapy does that but also allows you to receive a little more back for yourself.

Thermal Auricular Therapy is currently one of the fastest growing therapies within the UK.  It is VERY useful for Asthma, allergies, tinnitus, compacted ear wax, sinus blockage, flu, colds, headaches, migraines and many other complaints, as well as being a very relaxing therapy in its own right.  It also have very few contraindications so most people are able to benefit from this treatment.  It is especially useful around season changes, Winter sees colds and sinus problems, summer introduces hay fever and allergy problems.

Courses are run in Birmingham, Folkestone, Canvey Island, London, Guildford, Manchester, Cheshire and Northampton. Please email and register your interest specifying which venues you could attend.

The cost of the course is £175 for the 2 days including examination fees – this is the equivalent of only 7 sessions!  So with 8 clients you have earnt back your training fee and also covered the costs of your candles (they cost approx £5 a pair).  This therapy is especially good for mums at home.  It involves little equipment, low costs and can be done whilst the kids are at school! A great way to earn extra income without a lot of initial outlay!

In order to be professionally accredited in this therapy, it is necessary to split the learning into two separate days, with sufficient space between them for essential anatomy and physiology assignments to be completed as well as practice sessions and case studies.

Whilst it is possible to learn the process of Hopi Ear Candles very quickly, this course is designed to cover the practical, moral and professional standards of providing this treatment either as a stand alone therapy or incorporated with a therapists current business skills.

This two day course covers all that is required in order to practice Thermal Auricular Therapy as a professional therapist.  This course through this process is accredited through the Guild of Holistic Therapies and as such entitles you to apply for registration upon their list of therapists. 

Breakdown of the Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner Course

The first day covers the process of treatment and experiencing the benefits and effects of Hopi Ear Candles for yourself.  It also introduces the contraindications and contra-actions to treatment.   People wishing to take the professional certificate then are given the information and assessments which they take away to complete.

NB:  people not wishing to be certificated can take this first day to experience the treatment but will not be issued with a certificate.

The second day takes place after allowing time for the assignments to be completed.  This session will include a short answer paper on the information that was provided at the end of the first session and a practical assessment to ensure treatments are being performed professionally and ethically. 

The assignments take the form of labelled diagrams, set questions and practical assessment as well as verbal questioning during the sessions.    Between the two sessions it is necessary for you to perform a minimum of 2 treatments writing up complete case notes for your assessment.

Modules included within this course: 

History of Hopi Ear CandlesConsultationContraindicationsBenefits of treatmentContra-actionsMethodology of Treatment Basic Anatomy of the SkullBasic Anatomy of the EarLymph Drainage of the HeadCirculatory SystemLymph Drainage 

The training course runs in Birmingham, but can be arranged at other venues around the country if a group of 5 or more is interested.  If you have a specific need or requirement then please provide us with as many details as possible and we will try and match you to a course in your area that will be of use to you.

If you wish to go ahead and book your place upon the next available course please use the link provided below.  If you have any questions or would prefer to book via cheque then please email us using the email button below.