Integrated Field Mind Therapy

The Integrated Mind Therapy course combines hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, counselling skills, psychotherapy techniques, psychological theories, life coaching, mentoring, coaching and Self Development. It is an intense but productive course that creates personal development and growth as well as developing the skills and techniques to support and help others to overcome obstacles and grow. This course has been run for over 20 years and has adapted and changed to suit the market and changes required by modern living and business.

This course will award 5 separate diplomas and one Certificate – it is possible to complete as partial qualification and be awarded the certificate in each section as well as obtain the overall Diploma as each section has separate examination and assessment within the current structure – so that each topic is learnt in-depth no just a brief introduction to it.

Integrated Mind Therapy Diploma
Curative Hypnotherapy Diploma
Neuro Linguistic Therapy Diploma
Life Coaching Diploma
Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring

Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy Techniques

This course is designed to give a deep and thorough knowledge of therapeutic tools to allow you to assist your clients with a wide range of problems and issues relating to the mind, life confidence and social skills. All of our students are trained to advanced level so that they are sufficiently experienced to deal with a clients issues that are presented to them – unlike many courses that split themselves into beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

The course provides an in-depth and advanced skills training not only in Curative Hypnotherapy techniques which were the original foundation materials of the original course, but also in the following areas:

• Counselling Skills
• Psychotherapy Skills & Theories
• Life Coaching
• Mentoring both personal and Business
• Business Practice & management
• Corporate Skills Training

Many people entering this course start upon a journey of self discovery as much as in learning a new skill. Over the duration of this training you become aware more of yourself, your interaction with others and how individuals communicate and respond.

Successful completion of this course opens a wide variety of opportunities for using the skills in a business and professional environment as well as increasing our interpersonal skills.

• Corporate skills training
• Professional therapy – both employed and self employed
• Stress management and training
• Group Facilitation skills
• Business Training
• Client Centred Therapy
• Geriatric and Memory Support Strategies
• Child Centred Support Therapy
• Group training and workshops
• And many more