Chakra Rebalancing

Chakras are a yogic concept from India – they represent the energy of the body and its positives and negatives and how they affect us.  This course will explore in-depth ideas about the chakras and their links to different personality types, ailments, issues and problems and empower people to assess and rebalance themselves and clients for over all wellbeing.

There is much more to chakra rebalancing than putting a crystal of the chakra colour on that place – and doing so will often cause more harm than good!    This course will explain why and how to correct it safely for long term positive effect.

This course will provide a number of treatment protocols for creating changes to the energy layers once a positive and full assessment has been completed. Our Chakra Rebalancing Diploma – unlike many basic Chakra courses, this will teach far more than that you can hover over each chakra to realign it – and we shall dispel myth like being able to open or close chakras (to close one would be to kill someone!).

This course is excellent for reiki practitioners and people looking to add chakra healing to their skill set – either for personal use or to work as a professional therapist at a highly skilled level.

During this course and in the manual you are given we shall look at the extensive lists of associations between chakra energy and the physical organs, body system and energy layers – we shall also assess the interactions and affects that adjusting each can have and why they can be out of balance. We shall work in a variety of ways to help assess and then readdress these imbalances.