Past Life Regression

Past lives have been documented across many ages and continents and are mentioned in many different religions in different ways. Past life therapy can be used to identify and remove negative patterns or behaviours for which we have no conscious reason to have them. It works on the premise that issues or problems can be carried from previous existences where we have lived before – or which we believe to have come from previous lives.

This course is designed to train people already qualified in mind therapies to add the skill of Past Life Regression to their toolbox. To many PLR courses are done for beginners with no understanding of the repercussions of delving into the deeper mind for past life recall and the ramifications that this can have.

Past Life memories are contexed as being either real or false – but either way they have a profound affect upon our understanding of ourselves, our mind and our inner workings. Past life regression can be used to help assess and readdress the issues and problems from a deeper psyche level and remove blockages or problems from the current relief – regardless of whether the clients belief system is that they come from real past lives or false memories .