Dowsing Workshop

Dowsing is an ancient art that has been proven by science to be very effective in many areas. It can be used for finding lost object’s, answering questions, identifying minerals, used in health and healing – and also used within magic.

This workshop will show you a range of techniques and uses of dowsing in its many forms.

The techniques that are explored on this day workshop will introduce you to this broad filed and give you insights and techniques to assist you in taking this field of study further. 

It will cover the theoretical and practical use of pendulums and rods as well as discuss other methods that are available to you.

This workshop will include:

  • An introduction to the history of dowsing
  • Using dowsing to answer life’s questions
  • Dowsing for illness and health
  • Locating lost objects
  • Identifying energy fields

This day is designed to be both informational and fun – a variety of techniques and demonstrations will be used to enable you to focus your own abilities and use dowsing for yourself in your life to make changes and assist you.

The day will cover some theory, but is mainly a practically based day in which you are given many opportunities to change the way you act, think and possibly live your life.