Natural Self offer a wide range of therapies and treatments for mind, body and spirit.  Our philosophy is a holistic approach focusing on rebalancing the body for optimum efficiency.  We deal with inner and outer health, fitness and rehabilitation, remedial therapy as well as a wide range of mind therapies for focus and goal setting.

We work alongside standard medical procedures not as an alternative  – so always suggest if you have a medical issue that you have first of all approached your doctor or medical professional for any appropriate scans or tests to establish any damage or cause before seeking other forms of additional treatment.

Our therapies can be offered one to one in our centres, at your own home or business, for corporate functions or events, onsite at businesses or conferences, at hotels and as workshops for groups or associations.

We offer a wide range of therapies across a wide range of fields:

Massage in many styles

Energy Healing
Counselling and Mind Therapies
Nutrition and Naturopathy
Fitness and Movement
Herbalism and Nature Based Therapies
Crystal and Colour Therapies
And many many more

We can assist or help with many issues such as:

Depression and anxiety
Muscle and joint pain
Weight Management
Hair and Skin Conditions
IBS & Gut or Bowel diseases or imbalances
Allergy and Intolerance issues
Phobias and Nerves
Relaxation and Time out sessions
Health & Wellbeing consultations
Fitness and Bespoke exercise programs

Please get in touch for more information or if you are not sure which therapy is best for you – and be aware that we offer professional training in most of the therapies which we offer.