Stop Smoking Course

There are as many reasons why people smoke as there are people that do it! Finding a solution and helping you to achieve it needs to be just as individual. This program is not just a standard class where you follow a set plan and hope it works – we will tailor the work we do to your specific and individual needs both inside and outside the classroom.

We will look at your motivational factors and goals so that we can focus upon what you are personally gaining for you – not what you are giving up. Through our program you will not gain weight or change your habit in to a different form – but will remove the issue completely.

Our program does not only look at smoking – but also your lifestyle as a whole as a way of identifying your goals and helping you to achieve them overall. You may come to stop smoking – but will leave with skills to achieve your dreams and desires!

The price of this course includes the initial course on Saturday 7th January 2012 and a refresher day on Saturday 4th February 2012.