Soul Links

An introduction to soul groups

Soul Groups  –  Soul Twins  –  Soul Mates
All quite common terms these days – but what do they really mean?

This workshop looks to explore ideas and theories about what they are, how they affect us and also how we can use them within our lives for personal development and making the most of the relationships that we have.

This day will be about looking behind the labels at what soul groups are, how they are created, their purpose, the effect they have upon us within our lives – and afterwards.

As well as a theoretical look at the ideas of soul mates, soul groups, soul twins and other related aspects, we shall be looking through visualisation at trying to identify soul mates within our lives – as well as the life purpose or journey which we are upon.

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs this workshop, could help to expand your own belief system and identify and maximise the effectiveness of interpersonal communication not only on a spiritual but also a physical level.

The day will cover some theory, but will be a practically based day in which you are given many opportunities to change the way you act, think and live your life