The science of numbers has long been studied from Plato to the present day. The hidden influences of numbers affect our daily lives from the moment we are born till the day we die. It works on the idea that nature places patterns i our lives that have a conscious and unconscious control upon our actions, behaviours and lives.  By looking at and understanding these patterns and there effects we can work with them  – or correct places where they are unbalanced or in discord with  our path

In understanding and interpreting these hidden influences we can help to change and over come our own problems and difficulties – and work towards fulfilling potential in our daily lives. We can also use it to avoid pitfalls which may be ahead of us and create our own positive energy and good fortune – attractive luck, love or wealth.

We shall look at a number of different numerology systems and their history and work through a number of practical exercises to set you on the path to becoming a numerologist yourself.

This workshop combines well with Tarot and Runes for prediction   

The price for this workshop is £50

In addition, we also do individual personal numerology readings for £25 – contact us to book your reading