Massage Courses

Massage exists around the world in many different forms – but are mainly used for the relief of pain, relaxation and flexibility.

At Natural Self we offer a wide range of individual massage treatments as well as a range of professional Diploma courses for people looking to change carrer or expand their current range of skills.

We work within a modular system with our courses – so once people have learnt the basic massage skills they can quickly upgrade to other modalities without having to constantly repleat modules that they may have done previously elsewhere.

More anyone looking ot learn massage you will need to initially learn Body Massage (often called Swedish Massage) and Anatomy any Physiology.  Once you have these strong foundation skills in place you will be a professional therapist able to run your own business or work within spa environments.

Expanding your skills can then go into a variety of different techniques:

·         Sports & Event Massage – specifically tailored towards sports people and onsite techniques

·         Remedial Massage – specifically tailored for injury repair and rehabilitation post injury

·         Deep Pressure Massage – for limited range of movement and pain relief

·         Aromatherapy Massage – aromatic relaxation massage using essential oils

·         Thai Massage – generally more of a technique for stretching and relaxation.  Performed clothed.

·         Seated Chair / Acupressure Massage – clothed massage performed upon a special chair suitable for mobile events and onsite massage for corporate of conference work

·         Hot Stones Massage – uses warmed stones to release deep tension

·         Pregnancy Massage – for women during and after pregnancy to protect the body and its changes

·         Chakra Massage – a massage that works on the energy centres of the spine