Inner Child Healing

What is the inner child?
What affect does it have upon us?
How can working with it change our lives?

This workshop can be a tremendous way of dealing with repressed emotions, problems and difficulties of the past – many of which we aren’t often aware of at a conscious level.  This workshop is designed to allow us to explore the inner self and replace some of the self love and nurturing which we often miss at the central core of ourselves.

The day will look at not only the problems we have in life – but also the positives and work to reinforce those to boost our own self confidence and self esteem.

This work shop is designed around the individual and there own knowledge and experiences as a  stepping stone to success and positive change.

Each day is broke down to provide:

  • Theory on Inner Child Healing
  • Examples of case studies
  • Exercises for self development
  • Ongoing development tools to use.