Aromatherapy – Spiritual

Aromatherapy in general is the use of aromatic plant essential oils for the properties that they give to us via smell and their chemistry for improving psychological or physical well-being of the body – but they have a far greater power and perspective when used as energetic medicine for the spiritual and aura cleansing effects.

As with therapeutic aromatherapy, a deep consultation is performed to establish what issues or problems are occurring with the client across all layers of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual layers – this course as well as covering the chemical and spiritual properties of the oils will also teach you the different energy systems and how they interact and interrelate. Once we have identified the required oils via questioning and spiritual methods we can then establish the order of the blend and how that affects the over all effect differently. Once blended the oil can then be used in a variety of methods either during a therapy session or as home usage.In general most people experience aromatherapy in the form of a massage oil that is blended for their specific requirements and then applied to the body in the form of a relaxing Swedish massage.

For those who prefer not to receive a massage, the aromatic oils can be applied during a reflexology treatment or diffused into the air of a room during a different treatment. They also can be blended into products for home usage or a personalised perfume blend (additional charges for products may apply over the cost of the aromatherapy blending session).