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Anatomy & Physiology Resources

These are some of the more useful books I have read on this topic

Human Body : An Illustrated Guide to Every Part of the Human Body and How It Works
The Human Body - a small compact book which has good graphics and information.  Great introductory book - not over complicated but with enough detail to help you explore the topic of  anatomy and physiology
Human Anatomy Colouring Book
Human Anatomy Colouring Book - this book has clear pictures for you to colour in for yourself to help you  remember specific parts of anatomy.
The Muscle Book
  Excellent book for learning the main muscles of the body, clear pictures all in black and white which helps to focus on them.  The book also has the action, origin and insertion for each muscle as well as the trigger points for doing some remedial techniques.
The Anatomy colouring book
  The Anatomy colouring book, more indepth than the one above here - covers more areas of the body in more depth.  Excellent learning aid with many facts and pieces of information included alongside the images.
The Physiology Coloring Book, 2nd Eddition The Physiology Coloring Book,
2nd Ed
  The Physiology Colouring book - this is the companion volume to hte one above.  This books explains the processes of how much of the activity in our bodies takes place and allows people to colour in and complete the graphics themselves as a visual aid to learning
Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness Ross and Wilson Anatomy and Physiology in Health and Illness   Ross & Wilson Anatomy & Physiology.   A good text book for learning these topics which covers items at a variety of levels with good clear concise pictures and information

The following items I have not personally used but came across them whilst locating the links for the above items and felt they looked useful resources.

The World's Best Anatomical Charts
The World's Best Anatomical Charts: A Collection of 35 Medical School Quality Human Anatomy Charts in a Handy Desk-size Format
The Ultimate Human Body 2.0
Ultimate Human Body 2.0 for Windows 3.1 is the multimedia guide to your own insides. Discover what every part of the body is called, where it is situated, what it looks like, and how it works.